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  • 17 October 2023
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The warning popup did not appear when attempting to add the BA after converting the opportunity into project quotes, despite initially adding only the address instead of the BA.


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7 replies

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Welcome to Acumatica Community!

Can you please explain what screen you are in, what you are trying to do when your pop-up warnings do and do not appear? It’s helpful to show a screen shot of the full screen, not the error alone. It’s helpful to show us what is working, what is not working, with more details, please.

For example, where are you adding Business Account? Where are you adding an address? What warning do you expect to see, but do not see?  Where are you seeing the above warning, and is the above “pop-up” that you reference or is the missing pop-up a different error?

With more information, I’m sure we can help you find an answer.

Thank you!



Thanks for the suggestion @Laura02

When adding a Business Account in Opportunities, the popup clearly asks whether we have the authority to override the content. 


In the Project Quote Screen, when adding a Business Account, the warning pop-up does not appear and the content is overridden automatically.


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Well done!  Now I really understand what is happening.

I did a quick test on an existing Project Quote, to change the Business account, and I do see a Pop-up (weird that the Project Quote has no “Shipping Info” tab):

I’ll test further with a new quote later - out of time now.

In the meantime, can you verify whether your screens are customized and if so, whether you see the same behavior with customizations temporarily disabled? Thank you.


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Hello @irudhayarajphilominraj34 ,

In this example, I entered a new Project Quote with completed address and no Business Account, and saved.  When I tried to add a Business Account, Acumatica displayed the following Pop-up:

Again, the verbiage of the Warning needs updated because we have no Billing tab on Project Quotes screen… but I am definitely seeing a warning before the system over-writes the existing address fields.

I’m testing in 2022 R2, Build 22.210.0020 .  If your version is lower, then you might consider upgrading. I hope this helps you.


Hi, @Laura02 

Thank you for your reply. Our current version is 2023 R1, and the popup warning does not appear there as well. Is there any way to configure it to appear.

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Hello @irudhayarajphilominraj34 ,

I don’t think there is any checkbox/option that will cause the warning to reappear.

Two options for you are to 1) raise a Case with Acumatica Support or 2) request a customization from your VAR/Partner.



Hi Laura,


Thanks, will raise a case with Acumatica.


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