"View Only" access for the Customization Projects

  • 9 October 2023
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Hello Experts,

I'd like to inquire about setting the Customization Projects and Customization Project Editor screens to "View Only" access.

The objective is to prevent users from making any modifications to customization projects, including publishing and editing packages. While I have successfully set "View Only" access for the Customization Projects screen, I've encountered an "Access Denied" error when attempting to do the same for the Customization Project Editor screen.

I'd appreciate any guidance on this matter and would like to know if I've overlooked any necessary steps or if there are any specific configurations that need to be addressed.

Thank you for your assistance.




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Hi @sagar07 ,

I tried below steps in test environment, and it works as expected. Both screens (Customization Projects and Customization Project Editor) are visible only and are not editable.

1)create a new role, let's call it "Customization Viewer," from the User Roles screen (SM201005).

2)Navigate to the Users screen (SM201010). Under the Roles tab, select the newly created "Customization Viewer" role for the specific user you want to restrict.

3)Go to the Access Rights By Screen (SM201020) screen. In the left pane, find the "Customization" option and set the Access Rights to "Granted."

4)Within the same pane, locate the "Customization Project Browser" (under the Hidden Node). Set the access rights for this node as "View Only."

5)Now, proceed to the Access Rights By Role (SM201025) screen. Select the newly created "Customization Viewer" role from the selector in the header. 

6)In the same screen, find the "Customization" option. Select the inner node "Customization Project" and set the Access Rights to "View Only."

7)Continue to locate the "Customization Project Browser" (under the Hidden Node) within the same pane. Set all inner nodes' access rights as "View Only."

8)Finally, log in using the user who has been assigned the newly created "Customization Viewer" role. This user will now be restricted from publishing and editing packages on the Customization Project Editor screen.

Hope, it helps!



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Here is the solution for providing access to the Project Browser. see the below screenshot. The “Customization Project Manager” is available under the “Hidden” node of the “Access Rights By Screen”


Please disable proper screen access and let me know your feedback.


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Hello @sagar07 ,

I tested in version 2023 R1, Build 23.108.0020 , with the same results.

First I set Customization Projects, highest level to View Only. When lower nodes are set to Inherited or to View Only, and when lower nodes are set to to Edit level rights, an error appears: “You have insufficient rights to access the object (ProjectBrowserMaint)”.

I spent some time searching for “ProjectBrowserMaint” and there is no node under Customization Projects node named “ProjectBrowserMaint” or similar.

Next I reversed my strategy and tried setting the Upper Node ‘Customization Projects’ to higher level access (Delete), then modifying more specific nodes beneath that to EDIT, in effort to grant View Rights to see the Project itself. The same error appears with Customization projects set to Delete and nodes beneath it set to Edit: “You have insufficient rights to access the object (ProjectBrowserMaint)”.

As a last resort I took my test user out of the Internal User role and left the user in only View Customizations role. The resulting error is the same.

I think the next step is to raise a Case with Acumatica support.




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