T190 Course - Cannot Deploy Acumatica Framework Tools

  • 17 November 2021
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I followed instructions for: initial Configuration/Step 1: Preparing the Environment

  • Successfully installed AcumaticaERP, with Debugger Tools (NOTE; I did NOT install Acumatica Framework)
  • Acumatica was installed on my PC at C:\Program Files\Acumatica ERP\AcumaticaERP

I followed the instructions for: Step 2: Deploying the Needed Acumatica EPR Instance for the Training Course

  • The PhoneRepairShop instance was installed on my I PC at: C:\Program Files\Acumatica ERP\PhoneRepairShop

I followed the instructions for Lesson 1: Creating a Customization Project

  • I set up the downloaded Acumatica code from Github, at: C:\Acumatica\Help-and-Training-Examples-202R2
  • I successfully completed the step: Loading the Items to the PhoneRepairShop Customization Project

I followed the instructions for: Step 3: Binding the Extension LIbrary

  • I copied the PhoneRepairShip_Code folder to C:\Acumatica\PhoneRepairShop\Projects
  • I then Opened Visual Studio (2019 Community Edition) to build the project
    • The build failed with over 1205 errors
    • After reviewing other topics in the Community, I changed the Reference to each of the PX components, to:   C:|Program Files\Acumatica ERP/AcumaticaERP\bin\PX…..
    • This reduced the errors to 67
    • Again, per other Topic responses, I am NOW trying to Deploy the Acumatica Framework Tools, BUT the Acumatica ERP Configuration Wizard does NOT display this option. I see references that the Tools are deployed from the Framework Configuration Wizard, but I did not install the Acumatica Framework, as this was not included in the instructions.


  1. There was no mention of installing the Acumatica Framework, and other references noted that if you install Acumatice ERP, you do NOT need to install the Acumatica Framework. Is this true?
  2. Is it ONLY possible to Deploy the Framework Tools from the Framework Configuration Wizard?
  3. Why did I have to change the ‘References’ on EACH of the missing ‘PX….’ references? Is there a way to just add the ‘/bin  folder to a reference ‘path’, one time, to get all the associated PX…. components?

Thank you!


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