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  • 10 December 2021
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I’m looking for a best practice concerning SQL backup.  Is there a Acumatica-specific recommended recovery model (simple vs full) or is it based on standard recovery considerations?


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Hello jyounker18,

Based on your question, I assume you have Acumatica ERP installed on premise. This means that you have several options on how to configure a backup/restore procedure. 

There is so much to say about SQL Server recovery configuration (I assume you will be using SQL Server database management system). If you have to get a detailed description of the choices please search on the internet on the subject. There are hundreds of good articles and it is worthy spending some time to learn and understand backup/restore as this is a mission critical procedure for your production environment.

So I am going to write down few lines on this subject so you will know where to start your readings: 

If using simple recovery model  , the recovery will depend solely on the full database backup files. This means , if you run a full backup every night and your database crashes  after that, you will recover your database to the data in the backup file of the night before which means that you loose all the transactions done from the time of the last backup up to the time of the crash. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended  to use Full recovery model on Production environments. But this also requires running transaction log backups which will allow you to recover your database to a point close to the time of the crash, depending on the frequency of the transaction log backups. 

Depending on the resources available (disks , servers, etc.) , you may be able to decrease the down time during a disaster recovery by using Log Shipping  or Mirroring. 

As you can imagine now , it is not a simple subject  an you may want to start your readings here:


But if you need to setup and start your Acumatica production environment soon, it will be wise to contract the services of an experienced database administrator to help you kicking off and ensuring you have a secure and bullet proof recovery procedure. 


i hope this helps.


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