Need idea of how much access Acumatica Support Staff, need to the SQL Server

Hi All.  New to the acumatica scene.  We at my office, are trying to setup a server, which we will use to have our in  house Acumatica Instance(s).  My company wants to avoid the cost of purchasing an in house SQL License; and want to have us put all the Acumatica SQL databases, into a shared SQL instance.  They would give us administrator rights to the SQL Databases, but no rights to anything else related to that SQL Instance, and no rights to do anything to the SQL server itself.

So i am reaching out, to see if anyone can give me some pro’s and cons, or what we would not be able to do, or could have issues with; if we cannot be masters of the SQL database, and have control over the servr that SQL is on.

For starters, our Acumatica server, we intend on having an instance with all our Demo sets.  We plan on having 3 people, have their own instance of acumatica, to train on, and get badges.  

I am a SQL guy, in the Sense that i will go into SQL Management studio, and setup views, maybe procedures, and query the database.  On the Package supported before Acumatica, i was a programmer; and would guess i would get into that in Acumatica eventually.  

So with what i said above, hoping some more experienced people, can give me some insight, on what we would loose, in the ability to do, or control, that we would want or would need; if on the SQL Instance that the Acumatica databases are on; if we only had admin rights to the databases, and thats it.  Trying to determine if I should be pushing hard, for them to purchase us our own SQL Server and Instance, or if having administrator rights to the Acumatica SQL Databases, would really be OK.

Thanks all for any advice.


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