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  • 12 January 2022
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Hello Community,

I set up 2 FACTOR authentication to an Acumatica instance. The goal is to have an access code delivered by email. I found two troubles in using this feature: 

  1. Although my intention is to use on email , the instance always sends a two factor authentication message for using push request method and the user has to click on “Use another authentication method” link which leads to another prompt where the user can click on “Receive code by email”. This is confusing for the user and is an unnecessary extra step.  Really annoying if you need to do multiple sign-ins along the day.
  2. Another issue is the fact that two email are sent: one has for a Device Code and the other is for a Sign in Code. I do not understand this logic. 

Has anyone faced this issue out there? is there a workaround to eliminate those prompts and have a message confirming that an email was sent with the Sign in code to <email address>? 
It would be so much simpler and logical, in my opinion. 


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3 replies

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I had the same issue.  I removed the template in the ‘New Device Code Email Template’ field in System Management>Email Preferences and it only sent the ‘Two-Factor Access Code Email Template’ Two-factor Sign-in Code email then.

Does not seem like the best way to resolve the issue, but it’s the only way I got it to work accurately so far.


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Thanks Ivogel. it is a good workaround for my case where email is the only method the customer wants to use. 

Thanks.  I had the same issue and this is a good workaround.


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