Log in to the system as the user by the system administrator using users form.

  • 3 February 2023
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Hi all!

Let's say, I am the system administrator of an instance. I have access to log in to another user’s account using users form and can make changes. Is there a way to track the activities which I have done using that user’s account. (If not, I can perform miscellaneous activities and I will not be responsible for those)


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You can run an inquiry on LoginTrace assuming you have access to it. It keeps track of  UserName, LoginDate, Accessed Screens and the Station used to login (Operation = 1 means Login) I believe. If a user with admin privileges has logged in as another user using a station which is not user typical computer you will be able to identify the anomaly. Please not Acumatica doesn’t keep properly and accurately track of logouts if user session expires to the best of my knowledge.


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In addition to what Aaghaei stated, if I log in as another user, the documents I enter are recorded under my original User, not the user I’m “Logged in as”. User Security screens show the ‘login as’ data.

As an Example, I am Admin and I logged in as Joseph Becher in my demo. I entered a Check today while logged in as Joseph and the check correctly identifies Admin as the person who created the check, not Joe Becher.

Access History screen shows admin logged in as Becher:


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Is this Access History inquiry inbuilt in the system? Or can we conflict it? 

Thank you

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Hello @adharmawansha22 ,

The access history screen is a standard screen in Acumatica, yes. See User SEcurity → Inquiries section. I don’t know what you mean by “can we conflict it”.


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