How to give user with multiple roles access to Generate on Demand Statement

  • 18 August 2023
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I am having trouble getting a user access to Generate a customer statement with Generate on Demand.

The user has multiple roles. Only one of these roles should have access to run the report.
In access rights by screen → Receivables→ Customers → Customer → Generate on Demand I have given the “Edit” to the role which should have that right.

When a user has multiple roles does Acumatica prioritize the most restrictive role? If that is the case, I suppose the role without access to Generate on Demand is preventing access?

I have dozens of unique situations like this, and am hoping I don’t have to create a unique role for each.


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Hi There,

What I’ve found is generally, if a user has multiple overlapping roles (this is from experience, as I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in the documentation), the most permissive access will prevail unless specific restrictions have been made to nested items within the form.  I have seen scenarios where I’ve revoked access to specific buttons for one role, and the rest of the roles have that button as “inherited” and then if the user has any other roles they still cannot access the button (see the last example here) 

With the generate on demand statement, there is also a bit of a “funny” workflow in that you have to press the “Generate on Demand” button to generate it, but nothing actually pops-up on the screen.  Then you have to press the “Print Statement” button to actually get the statement to print (or use the Print Statement screen to print it from there).


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Another user with admin rights got this working. That user says she gave permissions at Sales Order > Invoice > customer > customer > generate statement, which I don’t see in Access Rights by screen.

So, I am unsure how this is working now. But, it is.


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