How can I get a User/Role report including Active Directory Users Roles

  • 9 September 2021
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How can I modify the User Report or Create a GI to include Active Directory Roles by User? 

Currently only Roles for Native Users show up or Overridden Roles for Active Directory Users.


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2 replies

The response I got from Support was to build a custom report 

The Username column in the User Roles form is pulled from the UsersInRoles table through the Username data field.  Add this table to the custom report to get the required information.

We are building these reports for a specific client, however: 

Of late Auditors consistently request / require reports that show the relationship between Users and Roles 

And SInce the  USERs (ScreenId=SM201010) shows the Acumatica ROLES associated with that user

AND The USER ROLES ( ScreenId=SM201005) shows the associated AD Users with the role 

The associated reports: Role List (ScreenId=SM651000) or the User List (ScreenId=SM650500)

should likewise show that relationship - regardless of if the users are NATIVE or AD or OPENID. 


From my and the client’s perspective these reports are broken and should be fixed in future releases. 


BTW: See also



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