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Is there a way to set the Activity screen to not have the "Track Time and Costs" and "Billable" check boxes marked when creating a new activity from a project?  We would like to have it that the user would have to check the boxes if they apply instead of them automatically being checked to start.

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On Activity Types (CR.10.20.00), you can specify if a certain type of Activity should track time and costs. If time is not being tracked, the Billable box will go away as well.

We only have one active billing rule that we utilize for association with the tasks on the project and that rule is set to Progress Billing.

Unfortunately, none of the options solve the issue.

I have included a sample of when I was adding a task to “Assign estimator”.  You can see that the activity type does not have the tract time and costs box checked, but when I create the activity within a project, it still has the track time and costs checked.



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Is your project’s billing rule set to a Time And Material type? I suspect, but cannot say for sure, that this would be the cause, as I assume the system is expecting you to be entering billable time.

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Hi @BDreith were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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We just ran into a similar problem. We are in the implementation phase and when we tested emailing activities a couple weeks ago everything worked fine. Now, all of a sudden, we get the following error: 

If I click on the details tab, the Track Time and Costs box is not checked. If I check it and then uncheck it, it’s fine and I’m able to send the email without having to enter additional information. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of to see if there was a setting that might have been changed. Under activity types the box isn’t checked, we don’t have approvals required on the project or task level. I don’t know where else to look to fix this, or what setting could have been changed for this to start happening.


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