What are the Pros and Cons when configuring multiple companies in single Acumatica tenant

  • 8 February 2024
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Really appreciated if you can share your experiences and how you manage them specialy about the CONS



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I recommend, if you haven’t done so already, that you search this community for “companies in one tenant” and read the 60 or so questions from previous posters.

FYI - Companies in one tenant share one chart of accounts. If your customers’ employees and customers cannot agree on one chart of accounts then you will need two tenants.  This is not usually a problem but I have had circumstances where clients could not agree and ended up with separate tenants.

I always recommend multiple companies in one tenant - the features work well for the majority of clients and vastly improve/automate intercompany transaction processing and month end reporting.  I have only once encountered a situation where separate tenants were not wanted but ended up being required and it’s described below, with option to vote for improvements.


We had a distribution client with two companies in two countries with two currencies, etc. Yes, multi-currency in one tenant is supported now and currency is not where we had a problem.  The problem was, the exact same items, hundreds of the same inventory items shipping out from two countries, had different weight measures in different countries. The US using the English(?) system and the other country using Metric system.  Our customer did not want to duplicate their items and have separate Stock Item ID’s, to accommodate freight features, packaging, shipment calculations etc. 

I just added an Idea to the Ideas section of this Community today.  Please vote!

Thank you.




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