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  • 29 September 2022
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About the different “Tax Type” available in the “Taxes” settings in Acumatica:

  1. I would like to know if all types need to be integrated/supported for the retail-ecommerce (ex: VAT, Sales, etc) or if only the type “Sales” can be used?
  2. If the tax type “VAT” is selected for a Tax ID, is there any impact on the retail-ecommerce for the related options that can be checked (ex: Reverse VAT, Internal VAT, etc)?
    1. Do we need to integrate all of them?

Is there any document for retail-ecommerce about the different tax type integration with retail-ecommerce?

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3 replies

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Hello @cedricbutler43  Thanks for the question. 

Could you please let me know with which connector you are planning to do integration? Eg: Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon. 

Also, are you going to have Automatic tax engine in Acumatica? 

From where are you planning to report taxes? Is it from Retail-Commerce Platform or Acumatica? 


Usually, the Tax IDs used for Retail-Commerce integration is Sales Type. Because we do not receive the type of taxes in the Order APIs from external system. 

If you use a different type, I dont think it would impact anything with related to integration.


We are a new integration, k-ecommerce.  In Canada, There are 2 different taxes that are not included in the price i.e PST/GST. Would the Tax type “VAT” be selected in the Tax configuration? If it is the case, do we need to integrate this Tax Type on the web? Because there are  options related to the tax type VAT and we are wondering if we need to apply the logic linked to these options on the e-commerce platform  (ex: Reverse VAT, Internal VAT, etc). Or do we need to integrate the TaxID without the Tax Type.

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@cedricbutler43  I think you dont need Tax Type. We do not integrate this one with Shopify or BigCommerce. In Canada GST 5% is considered as VAT I assume. You can import this as regular TAX ID. No need to enable the options related to VAT. 


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