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  • 21 February 2023
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We have been having an issue with our BigCommerce connection into Acumatica whenever a customer creates their first order on the website. 

When the customer creates an order from BigCommerce, it syncs into Acumatica and uses the Ship To Name and Address for the Customer profile instead of using the Bill To Name and Address. 

We have to manually override the Name and Address every time, on every tab to correct this. 

Also, if a new location is created in Acumatica for that customer, it defaults back to the original Attention and Ship To Addresses that were incorrect, even after they’ve been changed. 


Any ideas for a fix to this issue? 



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3 replies

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Hi @bclark you can check here the standard fields mapping for BigCommerce, customer entity

The Main Address of the customers is mapped to the first address from the address book. Addresses in the address book are actually shipping addresses by design of BigCommerce. Resultantly, you see the shipping address there.

Since there is no billing address in the customer address book at BigCommerce, I’m not really sure how to solve this problem. 

Do you have any thoughts? 

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This only seems to be a problem when the customer’s first order is for someone other than themselves. When they make their next order, it uses the shipping Attention To Name for the order Confirmation. 


Do you know where this information is stored inside Acumatica though? Because even when it gets overridden, any new location for that customer gets defaulted with the Billing address information (specifically the Attention name). I’m not sure where to search for where that is stored/saved in Acumatica to correct. 

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@bclark we assume that the First address from the Customer Address Book in BigCommerce is their default address. This is due to the fact that BigCommerce does not have a concept of default address, comparing to Shopify, for example. But since Acumatica has default address, we have to choose something, so we choose the first one.

So if the first address is not correct, you probably have this issue. One of the ideas to check - try to delete wrong address in BigCommerce and sync again. If the theory is right, you probably will have a correct data in Acumatica, after these manipulations. 


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