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  • 27 March 2024
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I’ve created what I thought was a rather simple GI, yet it keeps timing out saying the request entity is too large. 

It should be pulling customers, which is only about 9,000 records, and it can’t load it. 

Can someone take a look at this GI and see if something could be improved? 

Thank you!


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Can you please show the Joins on the Relations tab?

Thank you.


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@Laura02 Does this help?

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Thank you for humoring me!

I thought I might be able to see a quick solution… but I will go ahead and download the attachment.




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Have you tried changing all the Join Types to LEFT joins?

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I downloaded your .XML file and imported it into my demo data local instance. By looking at the tables you have involved it looks like you would be pulling all 9,000 Customers only if their CustomerID was used on a Sales Order, however this number also compounds for each and every single Sales Order record that is also found tied to each individual Customer Account. Then I noticed you had the Contact records included and I was able to identify a missing link in the relationships. You should tie the Customer table to Contacts with BaccountID like you did but you should also add the DefContactID to ContactID in the relationship. This isolates the fields for the 1 “Primary Contact” on the General tab of the Customer screen. The reason for this is you do not have Contacts in the Grouping, so if there were Multiple contact records for 1 Customer Account then you would have record replication occurring. 


Another suggestion based on the number of records that exist in your Sales Order table. If this is too much data and Acumatica is always timing out, then you can apply some filtering criteria at the relationship level. Which means the data is filtered before ever even being processed in the screen when loaded. Right now, your Start Date parameter defaults to the beginning of 2024 but to absolutely eliminate all the Sales Order records with an order date prior to 2023 with the table joins you can enter something like the following screenshot:


Let me know if any of this ends up working for your loading issue.

~Good Luck!

Matthew Barrett

SWK Technologies Consultant

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Hi @bclark 

In My Local Vanilla instance, the GI gives the results as expected.

I dont see any slowness.


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Wouldn’t changing the joins to all LEFT joins bring in all customers though? For this GI, I would only want to see customers who have made an order in the selected date range. 

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I updated both the join relationships that you suggested, and everything loaded up just fine back to 1/1/2022, which is what I would need. 

Thanks for the suggestion!


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