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  • 24 September 2021
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Hello All

I am sorry for this question but I am new with Report Designer so I do not have much experience.

I was trying to create Generic Inquiry for production data and financial data which are no related (cost amount from account that is not related to Production itself). There could be applied Doc Issue data as the key but I do not think it is rationale and reliable key.

Therefore I was thinking of making 2 separate tables in Report Designer - 1 with production data and 1 with financial data for same specific period. And then I would like to have 3rd table where I could make some simple mathematical calculation taking data from both 2 first table.

Is it at all possible in Report Designer?

I would be grateful for any support. Thank you in advance.



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Hi @Malgorzata , In order to be able to use more than one table in Report Designer you’ll need to be able to relate every additional table added to the report. If there is no direct relation to the specific tables you’re looking for then you may need to backtrack a little bit to find a way to link the data and possibly use expressions in the Data Links part of the Relations tab to make sure the data is linking in a way that could work.

Alternatively you can use the Merged DAC Relations screen (SM402000) and start with one table and try to find links which could make it to the other table needing to be referenced. You can click the potential link table and it will then show you links for that table and you can kind of find a path from one table to another using supported relations.


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Thank you very much for that info.


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