Report Designer Bugs - Grouping (Acumatica 2021 R2)

  • 17 October 2023
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Hi All, I have encountering an unexpected problem from report desginer.  The report is made by the exported G.I., and the G.I. actuallly have no problem at all.


However, when I do the same setting in the report designer, finally there are 2-3 items cannot be grouped.  I have really no idea about it.  The grouping data is normally including Inventory CD, LotSeriesNbr, Site ID, and Location ID.  I have checked many times the data is not problem, referring to the screenshot I highlighted it in yellow, the data is matched and same, but it comes up not grouping.


Is there anything I missed out or something I need to setup in the report designer (which is different with G.I.)?   I surely the original G.I. is working like a charm, but just report result is not the same.


Appreicate if someone can help or advise to fix this problem.  Many thanks.





(Exported Excel, the data is not grouped.)



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4 replies

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Hi @martinma Please post the Report in .RPX format to take a look at. Or please post the Generic Inquire from which we can try to create the report and verify.


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Hi ChandraM,


I have attached original exported RPX file from the Generic Inquiry for your reference.  The only difference to do the report is, I have deleted all the parameters and the parameter related filters.  The rest setting are the same.  Thanks.



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Hi ALL, after sometimes I have detailly checked all the data and even the letter one by one.  Finally I found the problem myself.  However it is weird because there are some “Lot/Serial Nbr.” data is not matched between receipt and shipment.


The un-matched case is some letters are different in capital and small letter.  For example, we did receipt a stock with Lot/Serial Nbr. “ABC123”, but shipment record is “Abc123”.  It is supposed exactly matched and don’t know why come with this result.  In this case, however, GI has no problem to group the data and it works absolutely fine in GI, but in Report Designer, it works in case sensitive concecpt and so it cannot group correctly with the line data.


For solution, I add UCase funcrtion in the grouping data of “Lot/Serial Nbr.”, then it results no problem at all.

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Thank you for sharing your solution with the community @martinma!


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