Odata V4 Not working

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I am trying to run an Odata V4 query but have not been able to get it to work

This simple query works fine:

"URL/odata/Tenant/IN-StockItem?$filter=substringof('TestItem', InventoryID) eq true"


But when i add the v4 part, it does not yield any results.

"URL/odataV4/Tenant/IN-StockItem?$filter=substringof('TestItem', InventoryID) eq true"

Is the above V4 syntax wrong?

Is there something that needs to be enabled in order for Odata V4 to work?

I ensured the user has the ODatav4 User ( Access to data exposed via OData v4) role assigned.



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**Additional details:

When querying an actual DAC using v4, it does work, as in the following example: 



That suggests that the issue is only with generic inquires. 

Does that mean that Odata v4 is compatible only with DACs on not customer Generic Inquiries?


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Hi @Ellie were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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@Chris Hackett, I was not. Any suggestions?

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I think you are right about oData v4 only compatible with DACs. You could get list of all oDatav4 endpoints by querying a GET at https://<Acumatica ERP instance URL>/odatav4/<tenant>/$metadata

as per documentation at

In the OData Version 3.0 interface, you can request data from generic inquiries that are configured in Acumatica ERP. In the OData interface based on the OData Version 4.0 protocol, you can request data from Acumatica ERP by directly accessing DACs without configuring any generic inquiry

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Thanks @RohitRattan88 

That is very unfortunate. 

From the documentation is appeared to me that we could access DAC directly in in addition to GI. I wonder why GIs would be excluded, which makes the entire Odata concept much less useful.


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