OData and Deleted Records

  • 8 April 2021
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I've defined a GI, checked the "Show Deleted Records" box and included the "DeletedDatabaseRecord" field in the grid.
Within Acumatica, the GI shows me all records, and I can see that 11 of 23 records have been deleted.
But when I query the OData feed with no filter, using the same credentials as within the Acumatica UI, it returns only the 12 “live” records (those that have not been deleted).
My goal is to keep my EDW in sync with Acumatica, which means I need to capture inserts, updates, and deletes.
Is there some configuration I missed?  How can I view deleted records via OData?

2 replies

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@jetzerb08 I see that this post is pretty old, but there was no follow up, did you get this resolved?

It might help to know which tables you were using and version perhaps.

I tested this with ARInvoice table and this table doesn’t store Deleted Database Records, so of course none came in, but when I checked with ARRegister I was able to see the deleted records as expected:


No resolution on this.  We’re currently on v22R1 (22.112.0018). Here’s a list of each entity I’m pulling from that includes the “DeletedDatabaseRecord” field.

Object Returns Deleted Records in OData Feed?
PX.Objects.AR.Customer No
PX.Objects.EP.EPEmployee No
PX.Objects.PM.PMProject Yes
PX.Objects.CR.PMTimeActivity No


In each case, the object above is the “main” DAC for the GI -- all other DACs are joined to those DACs. I don’t know why I can pull deleted Projects through OData but not customers, employees, or time activities.


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