Need a detailed vendor report that shows address and tax registration id for all vendors

  • 15 December 2021
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I need to be able to export a listing showing all vendors, along with their main address and tax registration and contact information.  Does anyone have a report created that I could upload, or give me some assistance on how to create that?  I am new to Acumatica and not very skilled at the report designer or generic inquiry, but have tinkered a bit with both.  Not very successfully!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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3 replies

Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have a Vendors Primary List GI to pull from.  I ended up creating a list manually, as it was a small company.  But we will be needing to extract a full listing of vendors soon.  

I will be exploring Vijay Kumar’s suggestion next, as that seems to be the only option.  

Thanks to you both for the suggestions!


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Hi @caroll42,

Building on what @vkumar has shared, you can leverage the Vendors Primary List GI by copying it to a new GI. Using the Add Related Table button on the Tables tab of the GI is very helpful to add additional tables as it builds the table relationships for you. Acumatica has the best context-sensitive help I have seen in ERP and GI form reference does a good job explaining the five table-join options. Additionally, the Inspect Element feature is a great tool to identify the table and field name needed in your GI results.



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Hi @caroll42 

You can pull relevant information from Baccount, Location, Contact and Address tables.

  • VendorID and name from Baccount (type of baccount VE for Vendor)
  • Tax registration ID from Location table
  • Contact information from Contact table (link using DefContacID from Baccount)
  • Address from ‘Address’ table (link using DefAddressID from Baccount)

Hope this helps you build the GI. Let us know the result.



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