LineNote text is to long and splits invoice in three

  • 10 November 2021
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Hey Guys,

A client put in serial numbers for monitors in the linenote. Its 179 serial numbers. This is longer than the page so Acumatica splits the invoice into 3 pages. First page blank, 2nd page has the item and the serial numbers and the 3rd page is also blank.

line note

first page

second page

third page


Is there any way to tide this up or at least get the serial numbers to stop on page one then carry on on page 2? Any suggestions welcome!


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Hi there!

You may want to try the “CanSplit” Property for the field.  Open the report in the Report Designer, select the Note textbox, and set “CanSplit” to “True.”  That should get you down to 2 pages at least :sweat_smile:

Good luck!



Thanks @craig2 but that did not do anything, report is exactly the same still

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That’s a big note, certainly tricky!  Two more things to try:

In the Report Designer again, select whatever section is housing the Note field, and set the KeepTogether Behavior to “False”:



If that doesn’t work, and the Note is in one of the Group sections rather than the Detail section, you may have to try checking some of the Grouping settings as well, though that usually just applies to multiple records and not just one Note.  From the main Report properties:



Hopefully one of these darts lands!


Keep together worked thanks


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