Is there a way to correct shipment after invoice?

  • 25 January 2023
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Is there a way I can correct / update an order after it has been invoiced? specifically for the sps edi tab for shipments. Normally I place a reference number under the SPS EDI tab for and order before it’s invoiced, however I accidentally hit prepare invoice instead of correct shipment. Now when I try to add the reference number to the order that was invoiced the “correct shipment” option is greyed out and unable to update the SPS EDI tab.


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3 replies

Thank you for the thoughtful replies @kandybeatty49 , @manikantad18 I appreciate your time!

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What is the status of Invoice linked to Shipment?

if the Invoice is in balanced status and Update IN is not posted then we can delete the Invoice and go back to shipment and correct the shipment.

if Invoice is released then try to cancel Invoice.

if Inventory posted then please follow steps for next process 

Once Inventory is posted you need to follow the below steps to process inventory reverse but we cannot do anything with an updated shipment.

We can reverse the Inventory by placing return orders in Acumatica. The below steps may help you.

  1. Create a Return type of order ex: (RC type - RMA )
  2. Create Receipt for this order (From Actions) 
  3. It will create shipment type as a “Receipt” and then click on Update IN (It will reverse the Inventory)
  4. Prepare an invoice and then will create a “Credit Memo” document. 
  5. If Aleady payment is collected for the actual order, we need to create a “Customer Refund” in the Payments and Applications screen for the actual payment.
  6. Finally, apply the below documents to the Actual Payment and release. Payment and Invoice will be closed.
    1. Credit Memo
    2. Actual order Invoice
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HI @PhilipW 

Is the status of the shipment Completed? If so, you are not going to be able to correct it. You could add a Note to it. Otherwise, you will need to have it done by a developer to update the tables in the database. 


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