How to view last modified date on generic inquiries?

Would like to see in the Generic Inquiry list columns with “Last Modified Date” and “Modified By” to ensure that we save all inquiries before a major update. It’s difficult to determine if someone has modified an inquiry that has not been backed up without this information. There should be some kind of audit trail for this.


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Hi @ctrabada28  Have you enabled the Audit History for the Generic Inquiry screen in the Audit  screen?


Please find the screenshots for reference.



Do I have to activate this for each generic inquiry? Can I sort by last modified date in the generic inquiry screen search list? the Audit screen only shows a column for “created by” but not “modified by” and “created on” but not “modified date” so you have to individually click on each item to see the info, which is time-consuming. 

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I had created the attached GI for this purpose. It shows the Sitemap and links to Generic Inquiries and Reports, together with last modified on date.


The only limitation is that it doesn’t show Generic Inquiries that are hidden (i.e. not available in the User Interface). I guess that is something that can be modified by updating the conditions in the GI.


I hope this helps.





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If you are only trying to capture Generic Inquiry names with a modified by and modified date, you could create a Generic Inquiry on the GI_Design Table.  This would capture all Generic Inquiries in the table, regardless if they are visible on the User Interface.

Add a few fields of what information you want displayed in the results grid.  I also used the sorting tab to sort by Modified Date Descending.


To Test: -  log in as someone else “andrews” and I brought up a GI that already exists, but isn’t on the user interface, AP-Incoming Documents.  I added a new column, the Legal Name to the results entry.

When I log in as admin again to review the RS_GIDesign table in the Generic Inquiry window, when I View Inquiry, it shows that Andrews last modified the GI and the shows the modified date.


I hope this helps and is what you are looking for. 

Also, another thing you could do is add the GI’s that are customized to a customization package.  There is an update button that you can use to update all GIs that have been modified and put the updated versions in the package file.  Then after the upgrade, publish the customization package file that contain your customized updated GIs.  Typically we copy existing original GI’s and give them a specific naming convention so we know they are customized ones. 

To learn more about adding customized GI’s to a customization project and update them, refer to page 206, To Update Generic Inquiry Items in a Project, in the Customization Guide.




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