How do we separate data into variables that come in a single data field?

  • 30 May 2023
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Sub report​​​​
Used filters in the sub report

Above sub report was created to get the bank name, bank code and branch code. All the different data come under a one data field as below. Please check the below images.

Sub report view

Below image shows the DAC related to this.


I want to assign the Account Value column data corresponding to the 4545,4546,4547,4548 and 4549 ID shown in the above image to separate variables, in order to send them to the main report. If is it possible, can I know how to accomplish my task?


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4 replies

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I have an idea you can try. Can you substring the above field to make smaller fields in the detail section of your report? I can’t tell if your fields are predictable length within the concatenated field… but many of the Bank Payment details have a mask and therefore are predictable length.


@BankName = LEFT([CashAccountPaymentMethodDetail.DetailValue],20)



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Thank you @Laura02 . I tried it but it did not work. I do not know whether I have caught your point clearly. Please take a look at the screenshots I've included below.

Applied value for the field
Preview related to above field

The separation did not work only a trimming was happened to me. Can you please explain your point a little bit more to me? Thank you.


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At first I thought all the values were in one record… now I see, the same field holds multiple, different kinds of bank data in different records. 

Did you notice this similar post, related to supplier banking details?


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Thank you @Laura02. I’ll check it. 


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