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  • 8 August 2023
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Hi, I am creating a GI with table POLine and PMCostBudget, after I connect all the relation, there are still some error lines will appear, can please help me check which step is incorrect?



In this PO, it should only have 4 lines, but there have 8 records in the result.


I connect the relation with Project task, cost code and Inventory ID, I think the problem is in the cost budget tab have another line with same Project task, cost code and Inventory ID.



So how can I avoid it, or is there any other relation can I connect? The XML file in the attachment, Thank you.


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Hello @yansiongyu54 ,

I agree, you are seeing 8 lines because the Cost Budget is joined.  The cost budget has more lines because the project is budgeted by Task, Cost Code, Account Group, and Inventory ID. 

  1. You could Group and aggregate the GI on Task, Cost Code and Inventory ID and sum Ext. Cost and Revised Budget Amount on the Results tab.
  1. Or, you can decide which of the two budget lines is the one you want to see, and use a Condition to display only one:  Notice, your results have different Revised Budget Amount → which line is correct for your GI

After you decide which line should show, add a Condition like “select where Account group = SUBCON” or “Select where Account Group <> SC Accrued” to eliminate extra budget lines.



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