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  • 2 February 2024
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I’m looking to figure out how to make my row styles based on the Days Lagging column, which is a formula that is the following:

=DateDiff('d', [SOOrder.OrderDate], Today())


I’d like to color code on the Days Lagging to show Red as greater than 90 days, yellow greater than 60 days, green greater than 30 days.  I’ve tried using a Switch statement that has IIf inside to do the same math, but I’m getting out of bound array issues.


What am I doing wrong lol?


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3 replies

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Hi, can you share your Switch statement that didn’t work for you?

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I’m not an expert here but I believe =switch() won’t need an if statement, it applies the the logic in order and does nothing if your expression is not true




DateDiff('d', [SOOrder.OrderDate], Today())>’90’,’red20’,

DateDiff('d', [SOOrder.OrderDate], Today())>’60’,’yellow20’,

DateDiff('d', [SOOrder.OrderDate], Today())>’30’,’green20’


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yeah, I see the issue.  Don't know why my brain wanted to force the If there.




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