Finding if an order has been Picked

  • 16 November 2022
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I am trying to find a table the will show if an order has been picked. I’ve found a two fields in the SOShipment DAC one called Picked and the other called Picked Qty but neither seem to be used. Are there other tables that have either Picked or Picked Qty.


5 replies

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Hi @Del! I see those fields also but I can’t tell if there’s something which feeds into them via the UI. I tried the Pick, Pack, and Ship scanning and I didn’t get it to register a pick there either.

You could create an attribute which gets filled in manually once the order is picked or something like this, or the next closest thing would be basing off the pick list getting printed, which usually is indicative of the pick taking place.

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Thank you for the reply.

There has to be something flag or field somewhere otherwise you wouldn’t get the warning in Pick Pack Ship if you try to pick items that have already been picked. I’ll keep searching.

Thanks again..

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@Del I did a little more digging and I found that the picked amounts are in the SOShipLineSplit table (at least for me they were):


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In a GI, I used an IF function to compare the Picked Qty to the Line Qty and return ‘True or ‘False’. Setting the schema field to a checkbox field, gives the below GI result.

GI Result

I have a different question regarding Picking (hence my finding this older post). Is there a way to capture who (User ID) picked the order/shipment? I have Last Modified By, but in our process, we have additional steps after the pick that change the Last Modified By.

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Hi @DanielByrum You would likely need to have Audit History table(s) to find the timestamp of the pick and the user who modified


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