Change Quantity Parameter to 3 Decuples

  • 30 March 2023
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I need to be able to input a 3 decimal number (1.000) on the report page for a weight. I have set up report designer to go to 3 decimals but the input number on the report page. Is a customization required or is there another way to get 3 decimals at the input window?




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3 replies

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I posted this as I was leaving on Friday and did not catch the misspelling of Decimal in my topic title. But from my limited spelling ability, a positive learning experience has come from my misspelling.  New word of the day for me!!

Definition of 'decuple'

1. consisting of or including ten. 2. ten times as much or as many; tenfold.

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Thank you for all of the views with no comments! The silence forced me to dig deep in answering my own question. The answer is to go to your Parameters tab and enter the number of decimales you require in the Input mask. See photo, and hopes this will assist someone else having this issue.


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Thank you for sharing your solution with the community @mike2665 !


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