Blank PurchaseReceipt report returned from screen SOAP API

  • 12 October 2021
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This is a copy of my question posted in Everything Else, which I realise should have been posted here.

We are attempting to retrieve a report using the SOAP Screen API, but the report we are getting back is blank.  The version of Acumatica we have is Build 20.112.0035.

I have the following code:

public void PrintReceipt(params PurchaseReceipt[] receipts)
var screen = new Screen();
screen.CookieContainer = new System.Net.CookieContainer();
screen.Url = Properties.Settings.Default.AcumaticaERP_PrintReceipt_Screen;
screen.Timeout = 10000000;
var lResult = screen.Login(, LoginDetails.password);

var schema = PX.Soap.Helper.GetSchema<Content>(screen);

foreach (var r in receipts)
var ReceiptNo = r.ReceiptNbr.Value;
Command[] commands = new Command[]
new Value { Value = "Receipt", LinkedCommand = schema.Parameters.Type },
new Value { Value = ReceiptNo, LinkedCommand = schema.Parameters.ReceiptNbr },
Content[] result = screen.Submit(commands);
if (result == null) { break; }
foreach (var content in result)
var report = content.ReportResults;
byte[] binaryPDF = Convert.FromBase64String(report.PdfContent.Value);
System.IO.File.WriteAllBytes($"Receipt_{ReceiptNo}.pdf", binaryPDF);

byte[] binaryHTML = Convert.FromBase64String(report.HtmlContent.Value);
System.IO.File.WriteAllBytes($"Receipt_{ReceiptNo}.html", binaryHTML);
catch (Exception ex)

This does appear to be working properly, in so far as there are no errors and I do get a pdf back.  Unfortunately the pdf has no data, only headers (same for the HTML I am also retrieving).  I have attached the PDF (Receipt_000023.pdf) so you can see what I mean.  The Screen is PO.64.60.00 and it shows the arguments like this:

Using this screen on the website generates a correct pdf (also attached as Purchase Receipt (2021-10-11).pdf).


If anyone has any ideas as to what could be happening here, I’d love to hear them.


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