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  • 9 September 2022
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Client has a valuation financial report where they list out in Rows the (row 1) CY Net Income (ie 2022), (row 2) last year net income (ie 2021), (row 3) year before that (ie 2020) and (row 4) 3rd prior year (ie 2019) in column1, then they have another column, column 2, which starts with the previous year (ie 2021) in row 1, then 2020 in row 2, 2019 in row 3 and 2018 in row 4.  They have a row 5 that then takes the average of those 4 years to show the change from year to year.

In the row1 I have defined no offset, In row2 I have defined -1 for year, in row 3 I have defined -2 for the year and in row 4 I have defined -3 for the year offset.  For the current year in column 1 the numbers show correctly for the 4 years.  For column 2 which would start with 2021 the column is defined with -1 in the column set and because the row for the current year has no offset it looks to the column set, so it works for row 1 but for rows 3, 4 and 5 because the offset comes from the row it is showing 2021 again on row 2 (which is an offset of 1 from the current year even though that column starts with 2021), 2020 on row 3 and 2019 on row 4.  

Any ideas on how to get the offset correct for column 2 or is it even possible?


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