Activity Start Date field and End Time field displaying as 1 day earlier in GI

  • 23 June 2022
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I'm putting together a GI around Tasks to use for Dashboards and I need to use the Start Date and End Time fields to show the Start Date and Due Date of tasks. However, I've discovered as I was trying to set up filters for the data that the Start Date and End Time fields are displaying as 1 day earlier in the GI results than they actually are when you go inside the Task.

For example, in the GI results this Task is showing a Start Date of 6/15/22 and End Date of 6/16/22:


However if you go to the actual Task itself you'll see that the Start Date is really 6/16/22 and End Date is really 6/17/22:


Anyone know what's going on here and how to fix it so the GI results show the correct dates? The filters appear to be working off of the true dates in the tasks which makes the GI results seem off when using the filters. The only thing I can think of is perhaps there’s a time zone issue between the fields?



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@mikeho You are right the issue is with your user time zone being added to the Data and Time recorded on DB. On CRActivity the Start and End Date are being stored with 00:00:00 time and user timezone will be added to the time when the field is being called from a GI.

So in your case the Timezone is behind the GMT and that is why what shows on GI is trailing by one day.

Try convert to Date and it should show you the same Date and time as what is being stored on Database.

=CDate([CRActivity.StartDate]  )

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Thank you, @hkabiri! That solved the issue for me. Should it be standard operating procedure for us to convert all dates in GI’s using the CDate function? Or is this something only limited to specific tables/date fields?


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