Ability to Run Faux Payroll

  • 13 September 2022
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Hey All,

As the payroll module comes more into fruition there are some strengths and weaknesses. The strengths are government reporting, withholding calcs, liability calcs, etc. but it really fails from the standpoint of getting information in there (what are the actual numbers/withholding percentage), maintaining the information, and then requiring a user to process the payroll when many people tend to lean towards outsourcing it.

With that being said, has anyone had success with running a faux payroll to generate the project transactions/facilitate reporting/etc. but then allow an external provider to actual pay the employees based on an export file? 

Additionally, from the front end, getting that HRM data in there without having to manually maintain it.

Just curious about the limitations of the system and how people solve for it. Essentially need the calcs but need a way to send to an external provider for payment as well as tying in the front end HRM.

1 reply

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@rhooper91 It sounds like you are looking for an integration for Payroll module which can take the data generated from Acumatica and hand it off to 3rd party.

Otherwise if you have an external method of generating the data you can try to import it into Acumatica, calculate it and then export the payment batch data but I think you’ll need customizations or integrations in order to get it to be what you’re looking for


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