How can we check button or field enabled or other attributed in code?

  • 11 March 2022
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When we want to check button or any field’s UI attribute that is Enabled or not. how can we perform it?


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4 replies

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You can try action.GetEnabled().

it’s working with PXAction but for PXUIField it does not work.

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I did some research in the source code and it seems you can get a fields attribute in the following way. 

cache.GetAttributesOfType<PXUIFieldAttribute>(null, nameof(field)).FirstOrDefault().Enabled;

I also found an extension that does this for you. However, aside for the extension being there, I have not seen it used anywhere in the source code.

using PX.Objects.CN.Common.Extensions;

bool foo = CacheExtensions.GetEnabled<field>(e.Cache, null);

I hope this helps!

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Hi @development ,

Can you try the below one to get the Disabled / read-only fields of UI.


  #region EventHandler
  protected void DACName_RowSelected(PXCache cache, PXRowSelectedEventArgs e)
            var row = (DACName)e.Row;
            if (row != null)

                string fieldName = String.Empty;
                foreach (string field in cache.Fields)
                      var state = cache.GetStateExt(null, field) as PXFieldState;
                        if (state != null)
                            if (!state.Enabled && state.IsReadOnly && state.Visible)
                              // gettting field Name
                                fieldName = state.Name;
                                // your logic....


I hope this helps you.



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