Scan Materials Glitch?

  • 24 July 2023
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When scanning multiple Materials in one Scan Materials session, it defaults the quantity on the first line, and from there on out it only records quantity one.  For example, I have a work order that contains qty 4 EA of three different items.  Scanning the first item records an issue of qty 4.  The other two items only have issue qty of 1.  I have messed with Production Preferences related to bar coding to no avail.


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6 replies

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The “Use Default Quantity in Materials” field when checked on Production Preference should control this

Press the Set Qty button before scanning the line, the quantity entered will be used for all subsequent scans.

If this is not your experience, you should contact support so they can look at your environment in more detail.

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Angie, the Use Default Quantity in Materials preference does not do what I would think.  If I have a production order with materials A (qty 5) and B (qty 3), the Scan Materials form attempts to issue the same quantity for every material line as the first line you scan.  So if I scan qty 5 of material A, when I scan the B item, it will attempt to issue qty 5 of material B (and, of course, it errors out).

I noticed that the “Use Remaining Quantity in Move/Materials” preferences behave differently also.  The Scan Move works great when these boxes are checked.  If I have two production orders, one for qty 2 and one for qty 4, the Scan Move form behaves properly - it automatically fills in qty 2 and qty 4.  The Scan Materials form behaves different when these boxes are checked (I described the issue in my original post.

If the above behavior for Use Default Quantity and Use Remaining Quantity is what you expect, I would like to understand why the Scan Materials form does not behave in the same manner as Scan Move.  If this is not the behavior you would expect, then I will log a support case.

I am not that familiar with using SET QTY.  I remember at one time I found a help article that has the barcodes for these buttons (so the user can scan SET QTY instead of using the mouse), but I cannot find it now.

Thanks for your help.


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The Use Remaining Quantity should work as you are suggesting.  The fact that it is defaulting the second and subsequent lines to quantity of 1 instead of quantity remaining is incorrect.  Please log a case with Support.

The SET QTY button on the browser is on the Action Bar

On the Mobile Scan Material screen “SET QTY” is a button at the bottom of the display.  You may have to swipe up from the bottom to get the list of buttons to display.

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I submitted a support case #317477.  Thank you!

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Good morning  @danielklumpp @angierowley75 

! Did you happen to hear back from Acumatica Support? We are experiencing the same issue with QTY 1 being added even if we scan a quantity or enter it manually. Could you please share what they suggested?

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I received this message from Acumatica support on 08/08/23:


After analyzing the reported case, I've escalated it to the Development team for further investigation.

I'll let you know once an update is received from them.


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