How to find date a Production Order was Completed

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Trying to build a GI or maybe a report, that can quickly show me items and when they were produced.  Is there a table somewhere that captures when a order changes status?  I’d like to see the date that certain Work Orders were completed.


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The events on the Production Order track when it is complete


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The DAC is AMProdEvnt.  For a GI, you can check the schema box and then select Completed; for a report the EventType = 5.  Keep in mind, a production order can be “reopened” by a negative Move/Labor transaction that can change the status to in process resulting in multiple events for Completed.

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Thanks.  Good point about being reopened with a negative.  I think for my purposes, it will be ok, but it could allow a second completed event.  Maybe I’ll trigger off of Closed, as we have a automated business event that closes all Produciton Orders overnight.

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@claudematherne24 we are using AMProdOper and ActEndDate to summarize completed production orders by date range, order type, etc - we just built the inquiry today and so far it’s working great. We plan on using the inquiry to built dashboard KPIs and reports for production managers and officers.


Parent Table Join Type Child Table
AMProdItem Inner AMProdOper
Parent Field Condition Child Field Operator
lastOperationID Equals operationID And
orderType Equals orderType And
prodOrdID Equals prodOrderID And


Results grid add: AMProdOper - ActEndDate


We have not done a lot of testing yet, but so far I have not seen any prodOrdID duplications and I believe it’s because of the lastOperationID relation, so it’s only looking at the last operation id of each production order.


To summary a total within the GI we added a Total Aggregate Function to ProdOrdID ‘COUNT’

We don’t use qty completed because the production orders we are examining are large jobs that are always BTO quantity 1 and serialized. But, if you application is different, you could use a ‘SUM’ function for quantity completed


Hope that helps and will follow up if we run into any issues or make more improvements.


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That’s awesome.  I’ll play around with that.  Haven’t sat down yet to start development, but I’m happy to share what I come across.


And that’s a good point on qty.  We also are running qty 1, serialized production.  At least, in the context of what we are trying to track here.


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