Import scenario: all of zeros in front of % dropped when import

  • 29 October 2022
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We are trying to update the “Meta Description” and the long “Description” for stock items by using import scenario.  However, all of the percentage number (ie. 10%, 20%, 100%) dropped the zeros in front of the % sign after imported.  For example, a description line has 20%, then it will only show 2% after the import is done; the same thing happens for 100%, only 1% left after the import.  Do we have to include any special character before the % in order for the zero(s) to stay when using import scenario?  Thanks...


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Are you importing from Excel?

If so, does the cell actually contain 100? Or does the cell actually contain 1.00 and has been formatted to ”look like” 100%?

If you put your cursor on the cell that contains “100” and you look above in header area of Excel, what do you see? Acumatica will import the actual number from above, not the “looks like 100 but really is 1” number in the cell.

Try multiplying your existing columns, place result in a new column so it contains 100 in the column and also when you look up above in the unlabeled Excel box beside fx.

If this doesn’t help, can you post the Excel or the source data, and the import scenario screenshot? Thanks.


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Hi Laura!

Thanks for your response, I modified the description lines and it seemed to import with the 100% properly now.

We import from Excel, and below is a sample of the description in an Excel cell.  It’ll be a few lines in the Description field after imported:

<p>Museum Aquarelle is not only a water-soluble pencil; it is a watercolour in a pencil form. Museum Aquarelle colour pencils are developed and produced in Caran d'Ache's Geneva workshop, in close collaboration with watercolour artists. Their extra-fine quality makes them perfect both for watercolour painting and for artistic drawing. </p><ul><li>100% water-soluble, immediately and totally.</li><li>Optimal transparency with no veiled effect.</li><li>Range of 76 brilliant and vibrant colours.</li><li>Exceptional colour lightfastness applied wet or dry (standard Blue Wool Scale). </li><li>High pigment density. </li></ul><strong>Characteristics:</strong><ul><li>Soft, smooth lead containing mineral fillers and natural binders, large diameter (3.8mm) with a strong point. </li><li>Matt finish, hexagonal shape to reduce risk of rolling and falling. </li><li>Premium cedar wood for easy, smooth sharpening. Matt cap faithfully reproduces the lead colour, with colour identification number. </li><li>Lightfastness indication (from &#9733;&#9733; to &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;) </li></ul> 


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