DocuSign Workflow - Tedious and Overcomplicated?

  • 22 March 2022
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We are currently using the DocuSign integration, however, we find the workflow and click requirements to be extremely tedious and excessive. We are using it to send out rental contracts (through the Sales Order screen and form) to be signed by our customers. The form we send to be signed changes very little between customers, yet we still have to manually edit every form being sent through DocuSign to place the signature lines and initial lines on the document. There is apparently no way to create a template? It takes as long, or longer in some cases, to prepare the DocuSign document than it does to prepare the Sales Order. It should take almost no clicks or time to prepare the document for signature. It should be, at most, a toggle button to say “Send DocuSign” or “Require Signature” or something along those lines. 

A copy of the “signed” document does NOT get attached to the Sales Order automatically and there is no way to track the DocuSign envelope status from within Acumatica. 

It appears that Acumatica email templates are not used at all when sending a form through DocuSign. 

All of this adds duplicate work and data entry to the workflow instead of making it easier and faster. 

DocuSign has been very unhelpful. They claim to know nothing about how their product integrates with Acumatica’s workflows. 

Does anyone know how to integrate DocuSign with Acumatica better? it appears to be a bare minimum connection with very little true “integration” in my opinion. Or maybe I am missing something major? 

Does anyone know of a contact at Acumatica who knows the DocuSign integration inside and out?

3 replies

Hi Ross, 


I see on the header of your post that there are 7 replies, but I don’t see any of the actual replies…

We are in process of integrating Docu-Sign with Acumatica right now and are running into this same problem. Our thoughts were spelt out exactly in your post: “the workflow and click requirements (seem) to be extremely tedious and excessive”. 


Did you ever receive feedback as to how to combat this issue, or how to make the docu-sign integration more efficient?  


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Hi @amillerbernd - The number of replies you see are the number of replies the user has made not the number of replies to this post.

You will now see two replies

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@amillerbernd - Unfortunately, I have not received any feedback on how to make the Docu-Sign integration more efficient. We have gotten used to it and are using it effectively. However, there is a LOT of room for improvement to make it more user friendly and efficient.  


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