Vendor error on stock item

  • 17 May 2024
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Does anyone have a clue about this strange error message "Business Account is ."
This is an error on a Vendor account when trying to add a Vendor Part Number to an Item.

It makes no sense to me and tells me nothing. Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance

6 replies

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Hello @BarbaraPietersen23 ,

Is there any more information or details in Tools → Trace?

When you look at the Vendor in the Vendor profile screen, or in Business Accounts, do you see anything out of place? Do you see any errors if you try to save a small change to the Vendor’s record?

Are you able to add a different vendor’s part number successfully?

If so, try comparing the “good” vendor’s profile settings, every setting, to the “problem” vendor to identify and eliminate differences.

I hope these ideas lead you to a solution.



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Hi Laura

Thanks for your help. The only difference I can see is that this Vendor is a different class. I thought it might be  restriction group, but both Vendors look the same. Here is the detail in the trace.

CR Error: Business Account is .
 Stack Trace:
 at PX.Data.PXRestrictorAttribute.Verify(PXCache sender, PXFieldVerifyingEventArgs e, Boolean IsErrorValueRequired) at PX.Data.PXRestrictorAttribute.FieldVerifying(PXCache sender, PXFieldVerifyingEventArgs e) at PX.Data.PXCache.OnFieldVerifying(String name, Object row, Object& newValue, Boolean externalCall) at PX.Data.PXCache`1.FillWithValues(TNode item, TNode copy, IDictionary values, PXCacheOperation operation, Boolean externalCall)


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If the Business Account records have been compared in Business Accounts screen to a “good” vendor and you’ve found no differences, the next thing we need to rule out is customizations.


Are you able to add the Vendor’s Part Number to an item while customizations are temporarily disabled on the site?

Thank you.


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Hi Laura

It does look like there is a customization, but I think it applies to all Vendors. It seems to be as simple as linking the Vendor Profile to the Purchases screen, i.e. screen ID AP30.30.00 to PO30.10.00.

I have no idea why, but I suspect it has to do with permissions. I am trying to find out and will try to unpublish temporarily after hours.

If you have ant other ideas, I would be grateful.



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Hi @BarbaraPietersen23 were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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Good day Chris

I’m afraid not. It is still a problem. Any ideas?



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