Reprint Checks in AP with the same numbers

  • 6 April 2022
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Can any one tell me how to Reprint Checks in Acumatica? I prepared my payments and processed, but an error came up...not sure what the error said, it was only up for a sec. So I hit the process button again. So now the invoices are showing closed and I have not checks. 😔



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It sounds like the Checks were posted without a successful print.

To Void the checks, prepare  for reprint: 

  1. Select each check one at a time to the Checks & Payments screen.
  2. Click Void. A Voided check document appears. Un-hold the Void and Release the void.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until every check is voided.  Now your Bills are open again and can be paid with new checks.
  4. If your checks have pre-printed numbers, remove the forms for the checks in steps 1 and 2 from the stack of check forms.
  5. Begin your check printing process again, as you did before, with Prepare Checks.

I don’t know what error appeared on the screen.  It may appear again.  Make sure the browser settings do allow pop-ups and do allow Acumatica to open additional tabs before printing checks.

If the error appears again, capture it.

If you see an error and checks do not print, 1) change Action: from Release to Reprint, and THEN click process and this will not release or post checks. It will return your checks to the previous step, Pending Print status.  Then 2) post your error here for further help.

Good luck!


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