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  • 27 February 2023
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Our UK based organisation has an R&D department with a team of about 30 people. 

We intend to set up a separate R&D warehouse within Acumatica, configured in such a way that the value of the stock within it is posted to an expense account on the PL - i.e. has zero value. 

Each time an item is purchased by R&D, it will be entered as a stock inventory item (with a stock inventory item class) and the default warehouse will be set to R&D. We will also set a custom checkbox on the item to flag it as R&D. 

When the items are received into the R&D warehouse, we would then be treating them as an expense, while at the same time having the ability to transfer items out of the R&D warehouse and into the main warehouse when they move from a prototype R&D phase and into production - so that their value then appears as stock on hand (by unchecking the R&D flag and doing a transfer).

Please forgive my lack of knowledge:

Does that setup sound like it would work? 

I was hoping that we could then track R&D spending which would help with the annual R&D tax credit claim using the R&D expense account that is linked to the R&D warehouse. 



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