a credit credit card transaction

I am entering our credit card transaction and it won’t allow me to post a credit transaction.  


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HI @KGantz  

Are you trying to enter it as a payment? What steps are you taking?

I’m just trying to add the transaction in AP Expenses with a CC method and it won’t allow me to do that


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Are you using the actual expense module or as an AP bill?



These are company credit cards utilized by employees.  I am uploading their transactions to code to job, SG&A, etc.   

One employee received a credit back for a transaction in a previous month (otherwise I wouldn’t worry about it) and it won’t allow for a credit transaction in the employee expenses

I hope this better explains the situation


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Hi @KGantz  - were you able to find a solution for your issue? Thank you!

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Hi @KGantz 

Have you tried to do a credit adjustment for that expense?

No I have not figured out how this is to be corrected


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@KGantz ,

For now, the negative amount credited by the credit card company may need to be netted against another line paid with the same employee credit card.

In my tests in version 2021 R1 and 2022 R1, Expense Claim screen would not accept a negative line (refund) that is paid by company Credit Card.

Maybe you can submit your idea/need in the Ideas section of this Community.  Thank you!

This doesn’t really resolve the problem.   It would only work if I the two transactions would be coded to the same GL and/or project.   It also doesn’t work if the amount exceeds any of the other transactions. 



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Hi Karen,

I know AP Bills accept negative lines.  AP Bills also allow posting both positive and negative numbers to specific projects and tasks.

Since the employee reimbursement is not impacted by any line paid by company credit card, is it possible to add the negative line directly onto the AP Bill that is paid to the credit card vendor at the end of the month?


yes AP Bills do, but Employee Claims Expense don’t. 


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I realize this post is a bit old, but here’s how I do a workaround to get the costs credited to the right accounts and projects.:

Also - this idea has finally(!) been shortlisted and they’re looking for feedback:

Hoping this functionality gets added to the system soon :)


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