History of items "unallocated" from service orders

  • 18 February 2024
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One of our most common causes of inventory discrepancies is items being removed (unallocated) from service orders in Acumatica, but not physically making it back to the shelf. In a previous system we had visibility in the form of a (-1) to leave a trail of breadcrumbs of sorts.

Is there any way to leave a “trail” or something similar to give us visibility on items that are unallocated from service orders? This gives us a huge head start when chasing down lost inventory during physical counts. For example: Inventory in question came out of “Technician X’s” job last month. Check his toolbox and truck for the lost part. 

Just seems like an area where software could lend a helping hand to a very common “human” problem.


3 replies

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The Inventory Transaction Detail screen (IN404000) is very helpful with tracking down lost inventory.  It tells the story of the inventory journey throughout any designated time period...

You can included unreleased transactions, summarize by day, or even specify a specific lot/serial number.  

The Inventory Allocations Details (IN402000) screen is another helpful tool when tracking down current allocations for inventory items missing from your on-hand inventory.

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Hi @twheeler were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

Thanks @jamesh,

Unfortunately neither of those screens gives me visibility for items that were allocated and then “unallocated” for the service order. It’s as if they were never there. 

Theoretically, looking  for a solution that could track previously allocated parts. Or something to that effect. 



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