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  • 16 November 2021
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I’m trying out the new CRM Task subscriber on the Business Events (SM302050) screen:



On the Task Templates (SM204005) screen, I try setting the Owner field to the AR Invoice Owner like this:



Then I create an AR Invoice with the FINANCIAL → Owner field set to Jay Parker on the Invoices and Memos (AR301000) screen:



The Task gets created by the Business Event (which is great and really cool), but the Owner field is set to my user and not the Owner on the AR Invoice.



I tried hardcoding the Owner to Jay Parker like this and it worked:



But I don’t want to hardcode. I want the Owner to pickup dynamically.

Any ideas why this isn’t working?

I’m on Acumatica 2021 R2 (21.203.0026)


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4 replies

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Hi @TimRodman,

Thanks for the video on Business Events. It gave me a good start and I eventually managed to get the owner of the task to be dynamically selected by the system. The only difference I seem to have from your steps is that I added ‘OwnerID’ to the Invoice and Memo Generic Inquiry and used ‘ARInvoice->Owner’ on the Task Template. 


Here are the rest of the screen shots;

Using ARInvoice->Owner


Added Bill Owen to the Invoice


When the task got created, it did not appear under ‘My Tasks’ while still logged as Admin (Larry)


You can see the task here - listed under ‘All Tasks’


I then logged in as Bill Owen - and confirmed that indeed the task is allocated to his profile.


This was consistent for invoices 123, 124 and 125 listed in ‘All Tasks’- all got allocated to the respective owners.

I hope this helps!

Using Acumatica 2021 R2 (21.203.0030)

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Thanks @DanWats for your help, that did the trick!

All I had to do was add ARInvoice.OwnerID to the Generic Inquiry, then select it on the Task Templates (SM204005) screen, and now it works!


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Hello all,

I have a related question. I’m attempting to spawn some CRM Case-related tasks using Business Events. Ideally, within the context of a case, when the owner of the case changes, we create a task (within the case).


I’m attempting to modify the Subscribers to the Event CRNewCase that ships with Acumatica (2021R2). I’ve switched that event from “inactive” to “active” , added the new “Task” subscriber, but I’m not seeing the task get created, and I’m not seeing any records in “View History” for the business event. 

Looking for insight on what might be missing.

Starting with the business event (ScreenId=SM302050)


I inactivated the default actions for test reasons and created the Task subscriber:



On the task template, I add some basic information about the task itself


I also tested hard-coding the “Owner” of the task but didn’t see any difference in results. 

What happens next is...nothing.

I can create a new case and change the owner of a case (which are presumably the triggers) but I am not seeing any records in Business Event History (ScreenId=SM502030) for this event.

Does this seem odd, or is there perhaps a missing piece in my configuration?

Thanks for any pointers!

Since Owner ID is not a field in Project Tasks, any idea how to get the Task Template to pick up some other ID as the Owner of a GI created Task related to a Project Task business event (ie, Approver ID, etc)


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