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  • 19 December 2022
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I’m looking for a solution how to scan POD documents in bulk (300 pages at a time) and the system should store them in the proper SO within Acumatica (identifying the proper order number from the document bar code) and then email them together as page two when creating and sending invoices to our customers, we don't want to use a mobile app for signatures, we hand a piece of paper to the driver for every delivery and when they return the signed document we want to have them in the system and use it to email it together with the invoice as proof of receiving the goods, any idea how to accomplish this would be very helpful, do to the volume scanning and dragging each document wont be an option, Thank you.


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5 replies

Thank you so much brendan, I’ll go through all these details with my team, I might need your help to develop that missing part.

thank you again.

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Instead of uploading the file as a pdf, the file could be uploaded as an image file. That image file could then be embedded into a report as the entirety of that report.

Thank you so much Brendan, that seems to be amazing, the only question I have is how can I get Acumatica use that file while emailing an invoice to the customer and attach the POD to the email as well, as far I know the business events can only pick up a report as an attachment but not a file stored in the file management.


Kindly let me know, Thank you so much. 

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Your printer is already doing the initial steps of scanning and saving really. Parrallel4U already has a solution for uploading to Acumatica - Hopefully it’s not too expensive.

Really all you need is a python script that does the middle parts.

  1. finds pdf in printer’s save folder
  2. uses a computer vision algorithm to find and extract the order # from the barcode (if you could change the document to have the order # on it, that may be easier.)
  3. resaves document with the PO # attached to the beginning of file (as per required by parallel solution’s package) and saves to the folder that the package uses.

I think you could get this working pretty quickly. I would be interested in working on the middle piece if you want help with that. I would just need a few document samples.

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You could create a piece of software outside of Acumatica that scans the document, saves the document as a pdf, reads the barcode, names the file, and uploads the data to Acumatica. I don’t believe there is an internal solution 

Files in Acumatica - Using the API to Automate File Uploads - PARALLEL SOLUTIONS (


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