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  • 8 March 2021
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Hi Everyone!

Does anyone know of a way to assign sales reps in Acumatica based on item class and customer/business account at the time of sales order entry?

Example: IF item class = Consignment, THEN Sales Rep = Business Account Owner

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
Thank you!



Best answer by Gabriel Michaud 8 March 2021, 17:12

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5 replies

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Hi @stacy16,

This is something that I would do with a relatively simple Acumatica customization. I don’t see any way you can do this purely through configuration or workflow tools.


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Hi @Gabriel Michaud !

That is what I was afraid of :(

i am not super comfortable with customizations yet. 

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@stacy16 you should ask your Acumatica consultant. Customizations can be scary, but it’s actually a case where it will be relatively quick & easy to do what you’re looking for. The Acumatica platform is very powerful & flexible!

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Thanks @Gabriel Michaud ! 

I would really like to learn to do it myself. Do you know if any good tools to teach customizations other than the Acumatica University Course?



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@stacy16 - The Acumatica University Courses are well constructed and would be a good place to start. The challenge is that to start customizing outside of moving fields on a screen around requires that you have a base level of knowledge which the training materials will give you.

So the customization that you’ve described is relatively simple and won’t require many lines of code, you will still have to write some code - and thus that basic understanding is needed.

Fortunately, you can install ACM on your own computer along with development tools without having to play around in your production instance of ACM and if you break it then you can refresh your local ACM easily.


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