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I would like to know if you have an example of how to carry out the replenishment having a general store that buys, for all the branches, but each branch has its own safety inventories, reorder points and that its method of replenishment for the branches is by transfer.For my part, I configured it but the demand in the branches is not recalculating, hopefully they have some support material.Thank you very much and greetings

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A few questions:

Are you using MRP or just Replenishment?  Have you created a replenishment Class?  If so, have you assigned the Transfer Replenishment Class to the stock item?

Here is some of the Help menu details on replenishment

Replenishment for Stock Items


Replenishment for Stock Items

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In This Chapter

You can configure replenishment functionality in Acumatica ERP when a basic company has been configured in the system. This configuration includes enabling the required features and specifying the required settings to be used in the system for the replenishment functionality. In a production environment, before you configure replenishment, you perform broader Acumatica ERP implementation, which includes enabling features and specifying the basic settings for the general ledger, cash management, accounts payable functionality, accounts receivable functionality, and order management with inventory. You can configure automatic replenishment for stock items at a single warehouse or at multiple warehouses. If your warehouses may be used only for sales, you can configure the system so that the warehouses from which sales are performed will be replenished from the warehouses where purchases are performed (from distribution centers).

You create replenishment classes by using the Replenishment Classes (IN208800) form; for each class, you specify its name, description, and replenishment source.

Replenishment methods are used to calculate the replenishment quantity. Acumatica ERP supports replenishment at a fixed quantity and replenishment between the minimum and maximum quantities.

Replenishing the stock in time and in proper quantities helps businesses to retain customers while reducing storage costs. In Acumatica ERP, to predict the demand—that is, the stock level you may need in the future for each stock item—you can use the Moving Average demand forecast model. With this forecast model, you can lower carrying costs, avoid stockouts, minimize excess or obsolete inventory, and improve cash flow.

The following example illustrates the calculation of replenishment parameters based on three months' historical sales data.

Before you start configuring replenishment in Acumatica ERP, you should be sure that the needed features have been enabled, settings have been specified, and entities have been created, as described in the following sections.

In the following implementation activity, you will configure replenishment for an item‒warehouse pair in Acumatica ERP.

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Hello Eric:


I am using replenishment, your help was great.


Thank very much.


Víctor Avila


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