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  • 10 February 2021
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I believe I know the answer to this question but I wanted to confirm as I am still just learning the system. Is there a way to create a mass 1 step transfer for multiple items on different dates? All of these will be going from and to the same locations so only the dates for the transfer would be different. Seeing as the date is in the document header for a 1 step transfer I am thinking I cannot do an upload with all of the transfers on separate dates but I wanted to confirm. 




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6 replies

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Thank you, I have imported transaction as described below. However, since I am trying to essentially one month at once creating import files by date will be more time consuming than actually keying in Acumatica transaction. I will look into the import by scenario functionality and as that seems to be where the benefit of true mass importing lies.

One final suggestion although a little more tedious is you can do an import at the line item level of the inventory transaction. If you click the Excel Export button it will basically make you a template you can use. Then you could group your lines by date and just enter one transaction per unique date that way. It may be quicker than trying to learn the import tool if timing is critical for one time use. 


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Thank you for the information and the link. I will give it a read.



Yes there is a feature called Import Scenarios in Acumatica that will allow you to do these types of imports. It can be a little slow to get started but very powerful feature and this class may help:



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It seems that you are saying an import file is possible which is opposite of my going in believe. Is that accurate? Am I able to create an import file for a full month to accomplish this?

That is correct, if you needed the different dates then you could do an import scenario and have that create separate transfers for each date. 


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