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  • 24 October 2023
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Situation is this:

Item has the stock profile replenishment settings to have a source of Purchase to Order.

Warehouse setting has no default replenishment class

Features enabled for Sales Order to Production Order sync

There is no Item Detail Warehouse setup for this item.

When I enter a Sales Order, the Mark for PO does not default when selecting that warehouse. 

But when I change the replenishment class on that warehouse, it will default with that setting, but this does not always work for every parts, therefore this cannot be the answer.

When I add the Item Warehouse detail it works too, but this takes quite a bit of maintenance. 

My question is, why when I enter this item on a Sales Order, and there is no replenishment setting on the warehouse, and no item detail setting for the item, that it does not automatically look at the standard replenishment setting for the stock profile?


4 replies

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@StevenRatner - I am not experiencing that same logic. 

As previously stated, There is only one replenishment, set to Purchase to Order as the source, there it no item warehouse detail for the item and the warehouse has no default setting. In your hierarchy logic, it should be marking the Mark for PO box on a sales order, but I am not seeing that to be the case.

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@bradmestach - The hierarchy that it looks at is → Stock Item → Warehouse

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The Hierarchy, I am wondering if there is a way to set that? Or at least check it? Any thoughts on that?

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1. **Replenishment Source Setting**: In Acumatica, the replenishment source setting on the stock item is crucial for the system to know how to handle replenishments for that item. If a warehouse doesn't have a default replenishment class set, and there's no Item Warehouse detail set up, the system might not know which replenishment source to use when a sales order is entered.

2. **Hierarchy of Settings**: Typically, settings in Acumatica follow a hierarchy. In this case, it seems like the warehouse-specific setting and the item-warehouse detail setting are overriding the standard replenishment setting on the stock item. This might be by design to allow for more granular control over replenishment at the warehouse and item-warehouse level.


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