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  • 21 April 2021
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We have employees that use the numbering of the lines on a sales order to help ensure accuracy when entering a large SO.

Our employee Lisa entered SO 102812.

The line numbering was not sequential  (I guess the line numbers "skipped" from like 11 to 20 something)

But I look at it today and its varied with line #s missing throughout.

I then looked at the audit history, to see if lines had been deleted or something.  But honestly I can’t really make a lot of sense out of the audit history detail.


Would you be able to identify why lines would not remain sequential?

Not only with this specific sales order, but in general, what would cause this?



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@Ray Colonero,

The Line Nbr. field is managed by Acumatica and in Sales Orders; there’s a field in SOOrder, LineCntr that contains the last number used. This counter is shared by both SOLine and SOLineSplit (the allocations popup), so the line number that you see on the lines is also impacted by the number of splits you have for each line. Also, keep in mind that when you make changes to the quantity, warehouse, etc. it affects the allocations and new lines may be added/removed automatically by Acumatica.

Here’s a new order that I just created with 4 lines -- I didn’t delete any line, I simply changed quantities and played with the allocations in between the lines:


I’m not sure why the developers decided to share the same line counter for both SOLine and SOLineSplit, but I would definitely be careful before changing this configuration through customization as it might have unintended side effects. I think it would be safer to add a new “My Line Nbr.” field that uses a distinct counter, just to be on the safe side...


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