I need to expose the G/L accounts and e-mail accounts under the Vendor Inquiry AP3030 but cannot seem to get the correct table

I am new to GI’s. I am trying to expose the G/L accounts for the items below for the GI Inquiry under Vendors.


I also need to expose the Account e-mail field to the Vendor GI Inquiry as well.


Also, what table do I need to add below to get the above Data:


Also, what relations do I need to add to below. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated? 








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Hello @fpantelidakis07 ,

There is a trick to identifying fields to add to a generic inquiry:

Click Customize, Inspect Element, and then click the field you need:

I make a list of the fields I’m adding, then use “Add related table” to cause Acumatica to join the tables for me:

I’ve also found “Add Related Table” to be a little tricky. Here are some pointers:

  1. Click Add Related Table from Tables tab
  2. Use search window at BOTTOM of Add related table to find the table you want to connect.
  3. Then click Select Related Table right on top of grid area (do not enter it as the Child table up top)
  4. Then click Add, lower right. Acuamtica will connect tables for you.



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Hey Frances - To find what tables and fields data is coming from hold Ctrl+Alt and then click on the field in question (alternatively, you can click Customization in the upper right corner and Inspect Element to do the same)

Half the GL accounts you’ve screen shot come from the default vendor location, the others appear to come from the Vendor table - if you follow the instructions above, you should be able to figure out which table each comes from easily.


To get the default location info, try joining PX.Objects.CR.Location as shown here






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