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  • 13 April 2022
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We have been trying unsuccessfully for several days to get Easypost setup in our acumatica instance.  Anyone know a VAR or someone who can assist us?  Our Shipstation has been down for over a week and we need to ship.  




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All Acumatica customers already have a VAR associated with them. You should talk to your finance department that pays the invoices you will have received from your respective VAR to get support through them as your first line of support.

Acumatica does not sell direct to customers and there is a code of conduct between VARS that they respect each others customer base.

Hope you find the answers you are looking for through the proper channels.


We have a VAR that we use and pay - they have not been able to assist on Easypost  

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When you setup your easypost account you will see the API keys in you account


You need to connect your carriers in easy post 


Setup a carrier in acumatica and select easypost as the plugin type

Enter in your API keys (above)

Select Test mode to test initially, you will untick this when using in production

Select your connected easypost carrier.

Your ship via code in acumatica should then be linked to the carrier and you should be good to go



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We’re in the same boat and working through our VAR. We’ve setup the EasyPost integration, validated APIs work, but are not able to start shipping due to errors received on Shipments screen and we cannot figure out the issue if it’s setup or a configurational.

Right now, trying to do this for domestic shipments. Next step is to test the international side as we only see the possibly for DDP shipping or on customer account, vs. the ability for shipping DDU with 3rd party billing for import charges which we do a lot of.

If my VAR helps us, I’ll advise direct further to this post. 


@annekseymour - I would suggest that you create a support case and ask support to assist you with the issues / errors you are receiving with EasyPost, please include details / steps on how to duplicate the error.  Good Luck

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Can you share what the errors are?

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Not sure if you were able to get the carriers setup….if you need help, please let me now.

We’re still waiting for our VAR, EasyPost and Acumatica to have a conference call to discuss our issues.

Of note within EasyPost, have noticed that DHL rates are only able to be returned if you are on a cannot get rates at the Sales Order/Quote level with DHL (both our DHL account and the one that EasyPost provides). Still have yet to get rates for EasyPost’s UPS account as well.

EasyPost support continues to point us back to Acumatica as “they only pass along what is given from Acumatica” and they state that each carrier’s requirements for input are different yet they do not explain what those differences are by carrier, nor what mappings are used in Acumatica…..hence why we’re pushing for the conference call with Acumatica as they seem to be the only people capable of support to address issues…..and I suspect not every VAR understands this integration very well.

Still see no details for international shipping and the ability on a per-shipment basis to define who’s billed appropriately for import charges (shipper, consignee, or 3rd party) as Carrier setup only allows an either/or definition, and on Shipment screen, it appears one can only define Incoterm and the Consignee’s Account if you wish to ship with consignee paying the import charges (ie. 3rd party billing not possible). All still to be verified.

You need to connect barrier post in easy post and enter API key.


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